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The best public high schools in Minnesota are selected by the staff of the Minnesota State Fair to be featured on social media as part of the "Best Public High School in Minnesota" competition.

This is the second year that the works of artists from Lakeville South have been selected as part of the Minnesota State Fair's "Best Public High School in Minnesota" competition. The exhibition is an opportunity for all conference schools to exhibit outstanding works by talented artists in their schools.

Events and courses include art classes, art workshops and more for artists of all ages, including theatre camps for children.

Join us for a virtual quiz game with a variety of historical quiz questions from the Minnesota Historical Society (see below). Choose one of our competitions, and National History Day Minnesota is a fun and entertaining day that focuses on Minnesota's historic history with our logo.

Essential tools, materials and services that provide information and guidance for online research and use of online resources such as the Minnesota Historical Society's online database. The application package for the competition, which includes the entry form and specifications, is available online. Beginning May 10, 2018, you can apply to South High School's program to enter the Lakeville Art Museum's annual Minnesota History Day competition. More information about this year's competition and a full list of years are available online.

The school and the Minneapolis City Conference hope that you will find this website as a very useful tool in your search for information about the history of Lakeville, Minnesota, and its history.

The Lake South debaters have won three state championships in the last decade and have achieved several high finishes in national competitions. The instrumental music program of LSHS offers students a wide range of performance opportunities in music, dance, theater and other arts. Choirs in Lakeville South have been awarded the Minnesota State Choral Association's "Best Choir" award, have sung with the MN Orchestra and Dakota Valley Symphony, toured internationally for two years, and have performed at national and international festivals.

To get to Hot Sam's Antiques on Interstate 35, take Exit 81 in Lakeville and head south on I-35 until you pass the Lake County Courthouse. The three-hour tour starts at your chosen departure point and includes a stop at the John Guthrie Museum of Art and a visit to learn more about the history of the museum and its collection. This tour starts on Saturday, August 5, at the same time as the Lakeville Art Festival, from 7.30 to 8pm.

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The South High School Foundation is registered as an IRS 501 (c) (3) corporation in the State of Minnesota (MN). Officially known as the Friends of the South Foundation, it exists to support the training of students, faculty, staff, students and staff of the school and the community in general. Nawayee is an Ojibwe word that means "center," and we work with students from NaWayEe Center School to find a collective center for the Indian community and find its center. We promise to provide an inviting environment for different learners to acquire the skills necessary for success in life, work, school and life in our community.

Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA) is a private, nonprofit private high school in Lakeville, Minnesota. South Senior High School is part of the Minneapolis Public Schools District, which includes the Minnesota Public School Board of Education (MNPSE), which was founded in 1885. The system of high schools at Minnesota State University in Minnesota, where South High School is located in Van Cleve, is located on the south side of St. Croix Avenue, north of Interstate 35W.

Located on the north side of St. Croix Avenue just north of Interstate 35W, this specialized mountain bike park is the site of a nationwide competition sponsored by Minnesota State University and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). A challenge for the construction of playhouses, where the pupils of a high school face a variety of challenges, such as building, painting, lighting, sound and lighting design.

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More About Lakeville

More About Lakeville