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Minnesota lawmakers on Monday night passed an emergency package known as COVID-19, which provides new assistance to businesses affected by the pandemic and extends existing unemployment benefits. The state's largest movie theater is in Lakeville, according to a state government statement, and its hotels and restaurants are eligible for DEED grants.

Companies eligible for this type of assistance include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, health facilities and hospitals. Companies with more than 10,000 square meters of office space that can be inspected directly by the Treasury need not do anything.

The first is a direct check from the state's Treasury Department, the second is through a grant from DEED and the third is through grants from district governments. Even companies that are relieved by other areas of legislation may not be eligible for county grants if a particular county decides to do so. Grove said Walz's recent decommissioning order will directly or indirectly affect companies with more than 10,000 square feet of office space in Minnesota. From there, the districts can decide whether or not to grant grants to these companies or to other companies in the region.

Will national and multinational companies receiving state aid be restricted in their use? Grove pointed out that the legislation covers counties that could include aid funding programs, but he noted that the county cannot be included in the aid program - which is funded by counties, such as DEED. The timeframe for the companies' bid is available but not yet live, Grove said. You cannot simply wait for a check in a bar or restaurant, but you have to ask for help from DEAD.

One thing the companies that are eligible for assistance have in common is that they have been demonstrably harmed by Governor Tim Walz's order to contain the COVID 19 pandemic. Although the bill provides $216 million in government aid to thousands of businesses, he stressed that the additional support will not be enough to mitigate the economic impact of CO VID-19. He described the package as a "small fraction" of what the federal government had come up with for the new round of aid.

As part of the aid, theatres and convention centres must also increase the number of free and reduced-price lunches for students. School districts have two weeks more to decide whether their students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.

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