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USA Today named St. Paul, Minnesota, "the best romantic getaway destination in North America," edging out Honolulu and Savannah for the top spot. This pin of honour is no surprise when you know how beautiful St. Paul is and how many romantic date possibilities lie in the surroundings of the Twin Cities.

Depending on where you live in Lakeville, you can also enjoy the bonus experience of neighboring Apple Valley. Choosing a home in Lakevilles gives you access to a variety of shops, schools, parks and churches in Lake-ville that will also benefit you and your family who love or hate it.

The best shopping in Lakeville includes Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Costco and many more. If you are a hunter, you are also lucky, there is a place outside the city limits where you can find a great game. Both residents and visitors are excited by the all-encompassing American lifestyle and residents are captivated by the beauty of the natural surroundings and beautiful scenery of Lake-ville.

Residents often praise the diligent service of the fire department and police and appreciate the sense of security in Lakeville neighborhoods. There are 108 kilometres of paths for pedestrians and cyclists, which wind through the city, lakes and parks. The city operates a large park department, including the Lake-ville Park and Recreation Department, as well as a number of other parks in the area. Notable parks include Aronson Park, home to a veterans monument, and Great Lakes State Park.

Among the many activities that can be done here are a visit to a learning center, walks in the nature to swim in the lake, have a picnic, go fishing or go horseback riding. Rent a paddle board or, if you want to enjoy the water, take your canoe and swim.

Visit your favorite Lakeville daycare center in downtown while you're there, or visit a grocery store to buy products and snacks. Here you can really spend a whole day exploring the many parks, parks and hiking trails of the city, as well as the many restaurants and shops.

One of the many fun things to do in Lakeville is to visit the Lakevilles Area Arts Center, which has an exhibition of local artists. In the city centre, in the lake park and on the water there are a variety of entertainment options.

Lakeville is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and shops, as well as a range of outdoor activities. Valley Lake Beach features an outdoor pool, picnic area, playgrounds, playground and beach volleyball court. The park has a water slide, water slides, volleyball courts and other activities for children and adults.

Stroll through the nation's last free zoo, then warm up in the conservatory's Tropical Encounters exhibition. The wilderness is a farm offering educational and recreational activities for animal lovers of all ages.

The three highest ranked hospitals in Minnesota are the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Mayo Clinic and St. Paul's Children's Hospital.

Lakeville does not have secondary schools, but residents can find colleges and universities in the surrounding communities. Examples are the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State University and Minnesota University - St. Paul.

Colleges in the area abound, with the acclaimed University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Minnesota State University offering courses and degrees in a variety of fields.

All three school districts operate public schools in the city, and among the best schools in Lakeville are St. Paul Public Schools, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Minnesota State University - Minneapolis.

As the name suggests, Lakeville has two large lakes within its borders: Lake Marion and Orchard Lake. The two largest lakes are Lake of the Lake, which is heavily used for recreational activities such as fishing, boating and swimming, and the smaller, smaller Lake O'Hare.

Minnesota ranks 10th in quality of life, according to the US Census Bureau, compared to other cities with fewer than 1,000 residents. Minnesota's income tax rate is below the national average, but still higher than in most other cities in the state. Moreover, most Lakeville residents enjoy higher incomes than the national average, and we have one of the highest median incomes of any Minnesota city with an average annual income of $65,500.

Lakeville residents behave well at the nearby five-star hospitals, including the famous Mayo Clinic in New York, just 18 miles away. Lakeville is served directly by the University of Minnesota Medical Center and the Minnesota State Hospital System. The Dan Patch Corridor would have passed through Lakeville, but in 2002, Minnesota state law prohibited its discussion and funding.

In the recent presidential election, 45% of Minnesota residents voted Republican and 46% voted Democrat. Lakeville is represented in the Minnesota House of Representatives by two Republicans and one Democrat, both from Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District.

Homeowners in Dakota County expressed satisfaction with the quality of life of their homes compared to other cities that seem to be on the up. Minnesota State has a score of 100, with the national average above 100, but is considered to be above average.

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More About Lakeville